Spellcaster Documentation

Spellcaster Documentation for D&U:

  • Project Statement
  • IPO Charts
  • Storyboard
  • DFDs
  • Screen Designs
  • Limited Prototype
  • Data Dictionary
  • Gantt Chart
  • Hierarchy Chart

As you can see, this isn’t a really verbose post, but enough to see where I’m at, struggling through the uselessness of SDD documentation.

[Edit]Sorry about the abbr tag left open! It’s now fixed.[/Edit]

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SDD Walkthrough

So I did my SDD Walkthrough for Spellcaster today, and passed successfully along with (I believe) all the other members of my Software class.

I’ve already done the Initial Prototype, so that’s one step from D&U out of the way, but there’s all the nasty documentation to get done.

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OK, here’s an update on some of my projects.

I’m currently working on a Python-based CMS. It’s going slowly at the moment, due to my slow algorithm design. The latest version is available on my private server, which probably isn’t online at the moment.

I’ve also started work on my HSC SDD personal project work, which is a PyGTK implementation of Spellcaster (aka Waving Hands, Firetop Mountain, Warlocks). I highly recommend you take a look at one of the implementations (Warlocks is the latest), and have a try of the game.

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