Leaving Semester 1, Entering Semester 2

So, I finished Semester 1, and got my results back. They’re not brilliant, but they’re enough…

Professional Engineering and IT: 71 (Credit)
Fundamentals of Elec and Electronic Engineering: 59 (Pass)
Differential Calculus: 71 (Credit)
Linear Algebra: 74 (Credit)
Informatics (Advanced): 95 (High Distinction)

And the subjects which I’m taking this semester are:
Data Structures (Advanced), Discrete Mathematics, Introductory Logic, Integral Calculus and Modelling, Foundations of Computer Systems.

In other news, I set up Deliverance on aurora, make apache on aurora a lot faster, and also did some work on Presenter.

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  1. Congratulations on your Jamesunit mark, 95’s pretty awesome :D. And good luck with your second semester subjects, some of those subjects look like they should be fun!

  2. Yeah, Discrete Maths is fun, I’ll enjoy the Data Structures part of INFO1903, but maybe not the Java part.

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